Upcoming alternative photography workshops April / May 2021

With the move from Durban nearly a year ago it means that we should be settling in to the country lifestyle out here in Dargle, KZN Midlands. I have been planning to have some alternative photography workshops which would include shooting on film, processing and printing. There are many amazing processes available without the need for a camera and film as well. The two processes I am looking at currently are the photo-gram and the cyanotype process.

The photogram consists of the placing of objects on photogaphic paper, exposing to light and then processing the paper in a developing soloution. The areas exposed to light would develop up as a black and the hidden areas as a white and with grey tones in between where the objects are translucent. A fascinating process with links back to the early photographic discoveries. Here are some shots from the first workshop.

The cyanotype process uses two chemicals mixed together, coated onto a variety of surfaces and exposed to a strong light (sunlight) and then washed off. The result is a beautiful shade of blue that remains with a similar effect to the photogram.

Photogram of placed objects – leaves and flowers