Milkwood Trees Project – The assignment was to shoot two specific Milkwood trees in the La Lucia coastal forest and print B/W images to a size of 11 metres and 9 metres by about 2 m wide.   I made use of my Leaf Hi-End back on a Mamiya 6×7 and shot each tree in 4 sections, stitching together in Photoshop to make the final images. The results form a stunning backdrop to an otherwise blank wall up the stairwell and entrance to the business.

Tech-specs: shot on mamiya RB with Leaf 28mp digi back. Final image was 10% of final size. Printed/installed by Ascot signs on a Flexiface material and stretched before fitting. They can be viewed at 2 Ridgefond Circle, Ridgeside, Umhlanga

Four images were stitched together in order to fit the whole tree into one print.